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Mobix Labs is happy to recommend the Microbe Ninja Program!

Rated 5 out of 5
July 16, 2022

Adam came into our office back in May to get us set up with a complete system for creating surface, air, and hands-free hand sanitizers in-house, and the tools for applying each. He trained me on how the system works as well as how to use the NinjaGen Hypochlorous Acid Generator, which is a perfect compact size for our office; it doesn’t take up much space. The whole process was incredibly easy.

What has amazed us the most is that only three ingredients are needed to make the Hypochlorous Acid for our fogger machine that we use to spray our suite and offices with and the SaniCubes that I have placed throughout the office. We have had multiple guests rave over the SaniCubes and want to get their hands on some for their office spaces and at home. I have received positive feedback from our team regarding ingredients and how simple it is to use.

Thank you, Adam, for introducing us to a non-toxic product that has me as the office manager feel confident enough that I am keeping our team healthy and safe. We at Mobix Labs are happy to recommend the Microbe Ninja Program!


Fabian Battaglia, CEO and Jennifer Moore, Office Manager -- Mobix Labs, Inc.

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