Hypochlorous acid generators, applicators and ready-to-use products from Microbe Ninja are a natural and cost-effective solution for a clean and healthy world.

Generate Hypocholorous acid on-site/in-house AS a healthier, “supply chain free,” cost-effective OPTION over traditional, CHEMICAL-BASED CLEANERS.
An organic Cleaning & DEODORIZER Solution for…
OFFICES, restaurants
Grocery and RETAIL STORES, hospitals, SCHOOLS, farming and growing operations, homes and more…
naturally derived & Effective…
Made with naturally derived ingredients, Microbe Ninja is clean smelling,  NON-FLAMMABLE, NON-POISONOUS, and a 99% effective cleaning agent.

NinjaGen On-Site Hypochlorous Acid generators

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Microbe Ninja

The NinjaGen line of on-site hypochlorous acid (HOCl) generators is available in various sizes. These generators use water and salt with a small amount of organic vinegar to create a naturally derived, organic cleanser and deodorizer solution for pennies on the dollar. Generate a 200 to 500 ppm “pH neutral” solution. 

The NinjaGen Compact is designed for small commercial business and home use. Farmers and growers can now try the NinjaGen Compact for 90 days (at no charge) to test the value and effective use of HOCl for the reduction and prevention of crop damage caused by pests and pathogens. After 90 days, if the trial is successful, the generator can be purchased or upgraded to a NinjaGen 360, 144 or 1440 generator.  

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Our Hands-Free SaniCube is a  hypochlorous acid applicator to clean and moisten fingers/hands and skin. Use in grocery and retail stores, medical offices, hospitals, schools, households, and more.

Microbe Ninja SaniCube

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Our Hands-Free AquaCube is an applicator for moistening fingers to open thin plastic bags in grocery store produce, meat and bakery aisles. 

The AquaCube automatically ejects a gentle mist of water, as customers hover their hands/fingers over it. 

The water mist allows customers to moisten their fingertips so that they can open today’s super thin, biodegradable plastic bags more easily.

opening plastic bags

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Ready-to-Use Hypochlorous Acid
Cleanser and Deodorizer

Our ready-to-use hypochlorous acid solution is available as a hand and skin cleanser, and as surface cleaner and deodorizer (at a higher ppm), for use in homes and businesses, including office buildings, schools, churches, hospitals and all types of medical clinics, including veterinarians.

Competitive pricing!

hypochlorous acid 500 and 200 ppm
Microbe Ninja Hand & Skin Hypocholorous Acid Cleanser

A Turnkey Opportunity!

The Microbe Ninja
On-Site Application Business

Microbe Ninja offers a turnkey business opportunity that can be added to an existing business or operated as a stand alone service business. A  NinjaGen  Compact hypochlorous acid generator is included in the setup package. The total package price is based on the size of the generator chosen.

Microbe Ninja is an all-natural cleaning and deodorizing system solution for homes, businesses, schools, and more.

Microbe Ninja Disinfectant Program Business