On-Site Hypochlorous Acid Generators from Microbe Ninja™

NinjaGen on-site hypochlorous acid generators are optimized to produce  hypochlorous acid with neutral pH, using Microbe Ninja technology.

The NinjaGen converts salt, water, a small amount of organic vinegar and electricity into an effective, safe and powerful solution that can substitute for a number of conventional chemicals used on a daily basis.

Why use NinjaGen?

When supply chains are stretched thin, having the ability to produce your own sanitizer and disinfectant at your facility means no longer having to rely on third party suppliers.

Raw materials for the production of hypochlorous acid (HOCl) are easy to find and readily available from local hardware stores.

Operational Details
The NinjaGen on-site hypochlorous acid generators produce up 200 to 1,000 ppm FAC HOCL with a pH range of 5.5 – 6.5, producing over 95% HOCL consistently.

The system utilizes saturated salt feeders and level switches to automate the production process. As you use solution, the system automatically turns on and fills the holding tank.

Maintaining salt in the salt feeder, and weak acid in the acid feeder is all that is required to operate. The NinjaGen utilizes reverse polarity cells, so no cleaning of the cells is necessary.

Produce Hypochlorous Acid for Pennies a Gallon!

The NingaGen requires a small amount of raw materials to produce hypochlorous acid, and can produce a gallon of the solution for less than 3 cents. Compare that with the cost of sanitizing and disinfecting solutions purchased each month for your facility.

Our On-Site Hypochlorous Acid Generators Use Single Stream Technology

The NingaGen uses single stream technology to produce hypochlorous acid, as opposed to most other hypochlorous acid generators available on the market today. Most other electrolyzed water systems use a membrane separating the cathode from the anode, which produces anolyte (HOCL) and catholyte (Sodium hydroxide). This technology is unreliable and requires frequent maintenance. It also requires the sodium hydroxide run to waste, as it is a by-product of the HOCL production

NinjaGen Onsite Hypochlorous acid generators

NinjaGen On-Site Hypochlorous Acid Generator Models

NinjaGen Compact* 
2 gallons per run  (8-20 minutes) 200 or 500 ppm (FAC)
NinjaGen 1 44
144 gallons per day at 1,000 ppm (FAC)
NinjaGen 360
360 gallons per day at 1,000 ppm (FAC)
NinjaGen 1440
1,440 gallons per day at 1,000 ppm (FAC)

*Introduction to and How to Use
the NinjaGen Compact

Farmers & Growers…
try the
NinjaGen Compact
FREE at your facility for 90 days!

Our on-site hypochlorous acid generator base model is designed for small commercial business and home use.

Farmers and growers can use a NinjaGen Compact model and produce their own 
hypochlorous acid (HOCL), free for 90 days, to  test the value and effective use of HOCL to reduce and prevent crop damage caused by pests and pathogens.

After 90 days, if the trial is successful, the generator can be purchased or upgraded to a NinjaGen 360, 144 or 1440 generator for additional output to fit the size of your operation. 

Why Hypochlorous Acid is Safe and Highly Effective as a Hand, Skin and Surface Cleaner….

There is unequivocal evidence that HOCL is not much safer to use but in some cases much more effective than the popular sanitizers!