Hypochlorous Acid Applicators that can be placed anywhere and everywhere… 

500 sprays with one
insert bottle!

Save on costs of:
Water, soap, trash, traditional
(drying) hand sanitizer
pump bottles and more.

A hypochlorous acid applicator is the best way to clean, moisten and soften hands and skin! 

A touch-free hypochlorous acid applicator, the SaniCube means
“no touching” where other
people have just touched
to clean and sanitize their hands!

The Special SaniCube Package Includes:
1 Sanicube
2 Product* Insert Bottles
Single Unit Charging Base
*1 quart Microbe Ninja™ Hand & Skin Cleanser
200 ppm FAC (HOCL)
10 Chlorine PPM Level Test Strips
with Color Key

Only $99

Hypochlorous Acid Products

Bulk pricing available
at 20 units or more.
Additional accessories are also available including:

4-plex charging bases
pedestal advertising (bases)
…and more.

Check out the NinjaGen On-site Hypochlorous Acid Generator + Hands-Free SaniCube Package for your business!

The NinjaGen + SaniCube Bundle

  Two Great Products…
One Perfect Team!

Generate 200 to 500 ppm
Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL)
on-site  with the Microbe Ninja NinjaGen Compact
using salt, water and electricity. 
Fill your SaniCubes, spray bottles and more.

Learn more about the NinjaGen

Our Basic Package Includes:
1 NinjaGen Compact Generator
20 SaniCubes + Charging Bases
Your Logo imprinted FREE
(see example below)

Try it risk-free
for 60 days!

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Microbe Ninja SaniCube

Watch the SaniCube
in Action!

How to set up the SaniCube

Why Hypochlorous Acid is Safe and Highly Effective as a Hand, Skin and Surface Cleaner….

There is unequivocal evidence that HOCL is not much safer to use, and in some cases more effective than the popular sanitizers!