Grocery store customers can now quickly open those #@*%! plastic bags without licking their fingers!

Introducing the Hands-Free AquaCube*

The problem for the customer…

Opening plastic bags in the grocery store can be frustrating for most people. It’s virtually impossible unless they  lick their fingers !

It’s become e
specially harder to open the new, thinner, environmentally friendly plastic bags in the fruit, produce, meat, and bakery departments.

The issue for national brands advertising in-store promotions…

The need for a novel, attention-grabbing, promotional device that can cut through the customer’s natural filters to imprint their brand and message.

AquaCube for in store promotion opportunity

The AquaCube automatically ejects a gentle mist of water, as customers hover their hands/fingers over it. 

The water mist allows customers to moisten their fingertips so that they can open today’s super thin, biodegradable plastic bags more easily. Again, an issue that frustrates so many customers.

AquaCubes are not as intrusive as most typical store displays. Instead, each device allows for a highly cost-effective and unique advertising and promotional space that customers will pay attention to. 

Brand messaging, in-store promotions and QR code coupons can be viewed, and then scanned once a customer uses an AquaCube.

We’ve found that once a customer sees another customer using our novel device, they will also use it and check out the content on the cube, including sponsorship branding, promotions and coupons.

The AquaCube holds enough water to moisturize more than 500 fingertips, before it needs to be refilled.

It is also rechargeable and holds a charge for several days. Each cube includes a dedicated charging base, as well as a display unit customized to fit the specific area the store a brand chooses to place the cubes in.

Our Market Research Shows…

More than 95% of people (in every age group) have the same issue of opening plastic bags in the grocery store.

It’s time consuming and hard to do without licking their fingers!  Many people said they “could not wait” until the AquaCube would be available in their local grocery store.

We found that most people lick their fingers to open these super thin bags. Which is “pretty gross” for the most part. When pandemic officials mandated indoor masks, people actually lifted up their masks to  spit on their fingers! 

Honestly, if you go to any grocery store, we’d be surprised if you don’t have this issue yourself. “To lick my fingers or not lick my fingers?

We’ve been marketing products for decades. And we’ve never had a response as strong as we have to a better way to moisten fingertips to open plastic bags .

The Hands-Free AquaCube allows grocery store customers to moisten their fingertips and open those thin produce bags with ease!

Hands-free aquacube

Each Hands-Free AquaCube includes:
1 Automated Cube
1 Liquid Insert Bottle
1 Single Unit Charging Base*
Customized Display Unit

Initial Promotion/Advertisement
*4-plex charging bases are also available

Custom pricing is available.

The hands-free aquacube

From the Makers of AquaCube…

The NinjaGen On-site Hypochlorous Acid Generator and Hands-Free SaniCube Package ads value to your business!

Two Great Products…
One Perfect Team!

Generate 200 to 500 ppm
Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL)
on-site  with the Microbe Ninja NinjaGen Compact
Generate using salt, water, and a small amount of organic vinegar. 
Fill your SaniCubes, spray bottles and more.

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Our Basic Package Includes:
1 NinjaGen Compact Generator
20 SaniCubes* + Charging Bases
Your Logo imprinted FREE
(see example below)

*Our Blue/Sliver AquaCube model can be used for either purified or distilled water, hypochlorous acid** (HOCL) or alcohol hand cleansing. The Black/White model is for purified water, hypochlorous acid (HOCL) only. 

Try it risk-free for 90 days!