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The human body produces hypochlorous acid (HOCL) naturally. But now we can now produce HOCL for our “outer environments” with an HOCL generator, which runs an electrical charge into a mixture of SALT and WATER.

Naturally produced hypochlorous acid breaks down cells in the body that create infection, by destroying the cell membrane and its DNA, thus halting the replication or growth process.

Today’s man-made HOCL is also a safe and effective hand, skin, and surface cleaner!

In other words, the electro-chemical reaction that produces hypochlorous acid within a solution (known as anolyte water) paves the way for a new generation of health and cleanliness!

Hypochlorous acid is a weapon

HOCL fights against the countless invaders that threaten the systems of the body or the cleanliness of the environment. Our homes, workplaces, kids, pets, farms, and food are all vulnerable to germs, bacteria, infection, or disease.

Our bodies naturally produce hypochlorous acid to fight the battle against these harmful invaders from within. Now you can make and bottle hypochlorous acid with the help of the Annihilyzer to fight off these invaders on the outside.

Popular surface sanitizers are not safe to use on human skin. These products contain alcohol (and are actually flammable), and other chemicals that can be harmful to people and animals to breathe in, touch, or swallow! While alcohol-based hand sanitizers literally make hands and skin overly dry.

Why expose you and your loved ones to these products? Hypochlorous acid works in the same way that popular surface cleaners and hand sanitizers do. The only exception is the fact that it contains only electrolyzed water, salt, and a bit of organic vinegar!

Comparing Microbe Ninja Hypochlorous Acid 200 and 500 ppm Solutions to Lysol

The EPA’s List N

There are hypochlorous acid products on the EPA’s List N of approved products to fight Sars-Cov-2. Most of the HOCL products on List N are at 200 ppm (FAC) OR .2%, approved to sanitize against Coronavirus. The 460-500 ppm level (hospital grade) HOCL products on List N can kill everything from c-Diff spores to Tuberculosis.

Discover for yourself!

There are numerous hypochlorous acid brands that are on the market today. A simple search on amazon.com shows the popularity of this amazing solution!

These are just a few products that come up with a quick search designed for the skin and eyes, as well as for surface cleaning.

HOCL moisturizes and soothes your skin while cleaning, unlike alcohol-based sanitizers, but just as effective!

Why choose Microbe Ninja products?

  1. Lower Product Price
  2. Higher HOCL PPM
  3. An affordable and eco-friendly opportunity to generate HOCL on site for your company or in your own home for pennies on the dollar, as well as save on supply costs.

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