hypochlorous acid 500 and 200 ppm

No, hypochlorous acid and bleach are entirely different, but both are related to chlorine.

From the standpoint of cleaning and deodorizing, hypochlorous acid (HOCL) at 500 ppm is a highly-effective, naturally derived, organic cleaning agent. 

Generated by electrolized water, salt and a touch of organic vinegar, for use on all surfaces, it is a great alternative to chlorine related cleaning products.

Did you know? The human body naturally produces hypochlorous acid to protect blood vessels.    

At 500ppm, hypochlorous acid is an all-natural cleaner, it’s tough of grime, gentle on skin. Since it’s generated with all naturally occurring ingredients, PPE is not required.

hypochlorous acid 500 and 200 ppm

200-500 ppm Hypochlorous acid is an effective all-natural cleaning agent for regular cleaning of high touch areas in the home, schools, or workplace. Perfect for commercial and consumer use, HOCL can be used when people (or animals) are occupying any indoor space.

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Note: Shelf life of hypochlorous acid is another critical differentiator. Once opened, a bottle of a hypochlorous acid becomes less stable and effective. Due to its naturally derived ingredients and lack of stabilizers, hypochlorous acid will expire after 30 days once opened. But it will maintain its effectiveness once bottled for 6 months.

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