Hypochlorous acid safe for cats and dogs?

Hypochlorous acid (HOCL) is safe for use on cats and dogs, as well as all animals. Just as long as it is at the proper ppm level of free active chlorine. The HOCL strength for animals is usually around 200 ppm.

Hypochlorous acid safe for cats and dogs?

A search on Amazon.com will show many products designed for cats and dogs for everything from skin issues to wound care, as well as deodorization, including removing skunk odor! HOCL also neutralizes the ammonia found in urine.

We recommend our Microbe Ninja hypochlorous acid 200 ppm (HOCL) solution that can be used for dog and cat wound care, deodorization, skunk, and other wild animal motor removal.

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Veterinarian clinics, rescues, and shelters can take advantage of Microbe Ninja’s NinjaGen on-site hypochlorous acid (HOCL) generators* to produce pH-neutral HOCL as high as 1000 ppm, which can be diluted with clean water to 200 ppm or 500ppm for surface cleaning.

Hypochlorous acid is used for small and large animals in wound care for its bacteria and viruses-killing properties. Common dermatological issues for animals, like Pruritis (chronic itching), can be caused by allergies, parasites, and infections.

Hypochlorous acid safe for cats and dogs?

Hypochlorous acid is safe for cats and dogs, as it soothes skin, reduces pain, and helps reduce factors that allow bacteria growth.

*The NinjaGen Compact will produce a quality pH-neutral HOCL at pennies a gallon for smaller businesses and medical practices.

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Note: Shelf life is another critical differentiator. Once a bottle of a hypochlorous acid solution is opened, it becomes less stable and effective. Due to its naturally derived ingredients and lack of stabilizers, Hypochlorous Acid will expire after 30 days once opened. But it will maintain its effectiveness once bottled for 6 months.

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