hoci generators for farming and growing to address ORP

An on-site hypochlorous acid (HOCl) generator offers several key advantages when used in farming and growing operations to address oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) levels. Today’s farmers now understand and believe that hypochlorous acid is a powerful oxidizer and disinfecting cleanser. And that it is now playing a beneficial role in maintaining a healthy growing environment. And with its reducing properties, hypochlorous acid can help achieve optimal ORP levels. In turn, HOCI can reduce ORP levels in irrigation water, ensuring a more controlled environment for plant growth. It also creates a favorable environment for plant nutrient uptake and growth.

The NinjaGen is a new time-saving, cost-effective way for farmers and growers to now generate their own hypochlorous acid on-site. Keep reading… to learn about our 90-day (free) trial. But first, we’d like to point out a few things.

The important advantages of hypochlorous acid for farming/grow operations:

  1. Effective Cleanser: Known for its potent antimicrobial properties, hypochlorous acid can effectively and thoroughly clean water, surfaces, and equipment. Thereby reducing the risk of pathogenic bacteria, viruses, and fungi that can harm crops. More over, HOCI helps prevent the spread of diseases and promotes plant health.
  2. Low Residue: Unlike some chemical disinfectants, hypochlorous acid leaves minimal to no harmful residues. This is crucial in farming operations, as residue buildup from conventional chemicals can negatively impact plants, soil, and water quality over time.
  3. Non-Toxic and Environmentally Friendly: Hypochlorous acid is non-toxic to plants when used in appropriate concentrations. It breaks down into harmless components, primarily water and salt, making it environmentally friendly and safe for plants, animals, and humans.
  4. Improved Water Quality: Maintaining proper ORP levels in irrigation water is essential for plant health. Hypochlorous acid helps manage ORP levels by reducing organic matter, contaminants, and pathogens present in the water, resulting in improved water quality.
  5. Biofilm Prevention: Hypochlorous acid can help prevent the formation of biofilms in irrigation systems, which can harbor harmful pathogens. By using HOCl, farmers can reduce the risk of biofilm-related issues.

The advantages of generating hypochlorous acid on site at farming/grow operations:

  1. Cost Savings: Generating hypochlorous acid on-site is inherently more cost-effective. Saving thousands on purchasing and shipping pre-made disinfectants, as well as hypochlorous acid. It eliminates the need for transport and storage of large quantities of chemicals.
  2. Ease of Application: On-site generators provide a convenient way to produce hypochlorous acid on-demand. Farmers can apply it directly to irrigation water, foliar sprays, and other farming equipment, helping ensure consistent and effective disinfection.
  3. Adjustable Concentrations: On-site generators allow farmers to control the concentration of hypochlorous acid produced. This flexibility ensures the solution can be tailored to the specific needs of the crops and the severity of any microbial issues present.
  4. Reduced Pathogen Resistance: The rotational use of disinfectants, including hypochlorous acid, can help prevent the development of pathogen resistance. By having control over the generation process, farmers can better manage the use of HOCl and minimize the risk of pathogens becoming resistant.
  5. 90-Day Free Trial: Farmers (and Growers) can now try the NinjaGen Compact for 90 days at no charge. Upon a successful trial, the Compact can be purchased or upgraded to a NinjaGen 360, 144 or 1440 generator. This no-risk offer is the perfect opportunity to realize the value of generating hypochlorous acid on-site.

While on-site hypochlorous acid generators offer these advantages, it’s important to note that their effectiveness relies on proper installation, maintenance, and monitoring. Farmers should follow manufacturer guidelines and best practices to ensure optimal results and avoid potential risks associated with incorrect use.

For more information about our 90-Day Free Trial of the NinjaGen Compact, please text to: 1-949-691-3417 or call 1-888-664-6525. You can also complete our contact us form and expect immediate response within 24 hours.

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