hypochlorous acid generators for farmers and growing operations

Unleash the Power of On-Site Hypochlorous Acid Generation!

Growers can now harness the power of an on-site hypochlorous acid generator to produce an effective, all-natural pesticide at pennies a gallon. This economical proactive measure has the potential to thwart outbreaks before they even begin.

The Versatility of Hypochlorous Acid in Agriculture

The necessity of hypochlorous acid generators extends beyond growers, encompassing all aspects of agriculture. Whether you’re a seasoned farmer, a dedicated grower, a hobbyist gardener, or a horticulturalist, you are likely well-acquainted with the diverse array of plant pests—from powdery mildew and spider mites to aphids and root rot.

Battling the Wildfire Spread of Fungal Diseases

In agriculture, the rapid spread of fungal diseases resembles a wildfire, wreaking havoc on farms and greenhouses. Once these diseases take hold, controlling them becomes a formidable challenge, even with conventional pesticides.

The Pitfalls of Traditional Pesticides

Traditional pesticides pose their own problems, often laden with toxic chemicals that may prove ineffective. Meanwhile, so-called natural pest controls can lead to pesticide resistance and harmful runoff effects.

Safely Treating Plant, Livestock, and Pet Threats

Enter hypochlorous acid—the solution to safely treat fungal diseases and pest infestations that pose a threat to plants, livestock, or pets.

An All-Natural Fungicide: Hypochlorous Acid in Action

You may already know the efficacy of hypochlorous acid as a fungicide against various threats like powdery mildew, gray mold, and algae growth. Despite its effectiveness, the cost of purchasing hypochlorous acid, even in bulk, remains steep—amounting to thousands of dollars annually.

On-Site Hypochlorous Acid Generators: A Cost-Effective Solution

This financial burden underscores the rising popularity of on-site hypochlorous acid generators, not only for larger operations, but also for smaller growing setups. The ability to produce one’s own sanitizer and disinfectant becomes invaluable, especially during times of stretched supply chains and escalating prices.

Choosing the Right Technology: Single-Stream vs. Conventional Generators

Numerous hypochlorous acid generators flood the market, but many fall short by not utilizing single-stream technology. Conventional generators employ a membrane that separates the cathode from the anode, producing both anolyte (HOCL) and catholyte (Sodium hydroxide). Unfortunately, this technology proves unreliable, demanding frequent maintenance and leading to the wasteful disposal of sodium hydroxide as a by-product of HOCL production.

Tailoring Hypochlorous Acid Production to Your Needs

Most on-site hypochlorous acid generators boast the capability to generate up to 1000 ppm (FAC) per day. Determining the required amount and strength of hypochlorous acid for your growing operation depends on the specific plants you are treating.

Research-Backed Efficacy: Hypochlorous Acid’s Role in Agriculture

Extensive research, dating back to the early 2000s, supports the use of hypochlorous acid as a potent fungicide and pest repellent.

A 3-in-1 Solution: Fungicide, Line Cleaner, and Root Zone Enhancer

Hypochlorous acid emerges as a versatile 3-in-1 solution: fungicide, line cleaner, and root zone enhancer.

Addressing Common Greenhouse Pests: Fungal Gnats and Aphids

While hypochlorous acid’s efficacy against insects is supported by anecdotal evidence, it is known to reduce insect concentrations indirectly. Insects often inhabit plants with adjacent algae or fungus, and regular use of hypochlorous acid can eliminate these environments, minimizing pest populations.

Safe Application on Plants: Cautionary Considerations

Safe for plant application and water sources, hypochlorous acid should be used cautiously, with concentrations exceeding 4 ppm potentially harming the plant system.

Free Trial Offer: Experience the Microbe Ninja Advantage

For growers and farmers seeking a cost-effective and sustainable solution, Microbe Ninja presents a compelling offer—a free 90-day trial of our NinjaGen Compact hypochlorous acid generator.

Explore the Possibilities with Microbe Ninja’s On-Site Hypochlorous Acid Generators

Upon completion of the trial, the generator is available for purchase or upgrade. Microbe Ninja offers the NinjaGen 360, 144, or 1440 generators, catering to operations of varying sizes. Contact us to explore the possibilities with the NinjaGen on-site hypochlorous acid generator line.

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