Microbe Ninja hand and skin cleanser

The demand for hypochlorous acid cleansers and deodorizers, an eco-friendly, all-natural, safe, sustainable alternative to the traditional cleaning products, is steadily increasing!

The demand for more sustainable materials and cleaning products has increased since the start of the pandemic in 2020. Today, most consumer product organizations have made “sustainability” a number one priority. A survey conducted during the height of the pandemic found that 85% of people believed sustainability and being eco-friendly (all-natural) was the same or even more important to them than prior to the pandemic.

But the push from consumers for eco-friendly product options has been steadily increasing over the past few decades. To that end, let’s debunk some myths about all-natural, eco-friendly cleaning product alternatives.

Myth: All-natural cleaners, such as hypochlorous acid products, just don’t work as well as chemical-based products.

One key difference between traditional cleaners and safer and healthier options lies in the type of active ingredients they use. There are specific allowable active ingredients for greener products based on their life cycle impacts on the environment and safety for the end user.

Generally, safer and sustainable active ingredients for cleaning products should fall under the lower EPA toxicity classes and have minimal impact on the environment in the waste stream. As with any cleaning product, always check the label for approved kill claims, and remember the entire formulation makes the product!

Myth: All-natural hypochlorous acid products aren’t “always better” for our environment

Product manufacturers and marketers used to make claims about their products’ environmental benefits without merit. This was a practice often misunderstood by consumers, which led to the widely held impression that green products don’t live up to the hype.

This marketing practice was labeled “Greenwashing” and became such a big problem that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and its Green Guides.

Today, products must provide context and information to demonstrate the benefits they claim. For example, a product with claims to be biodegradable must show that it is biodegradable under the normal disposable circumstances. In other words, a disinfectant wipe that is biodegradable in a soil-burial test, but ends up in a landfill or an incinerator based on normal consumer usage, is not actually biodegradable.

Watch our efficacy test of Microbe Ninja’s Hypochlorous Acid 200 and 500 ppm Solutions Compared to Lysol.

Microbe Ninja’s CEO tests the efficacy of Microbe Ninja Hypochlorous Acid 200 and 500 ppm Solutions compared to Lysol Spray.

Myth: Green products are really not that safe!

All-natural and sustainable cleaners are food-contact safe, safe to use without personal protective equipment, and safer to use around children, pets, and plants.

Popular products like Clorox® and Lysol® contain poisons and are registered pesticides with the EPA. These cleaners are not safe to use on human skin, as they contain alcohols that are also flammable. These products also contain other chemicals that can be harmful for humans and animals to touch or ingest!

There is unequivocal evidence that hypochlorous acid (HOCI) is much safer and, in some cases, but as the video above shows, MUCH MORE effective than popular sanitizers!

Microbe Ninja hand and skin cleanser
Microbe Ninja Hand and Skin Cleanser

Microbe Ninja™ Ready-to-Use Hypochlorous Acid Products

Microbe Ninja offers safe, eco-friendly and highly-effective, ready-to-use hypochlorous acid cleanser and deodorizer product solutions.

Use it everywhere and on everything, from homes and businesses, to schools and pets. Use our Hand & Skin Cleanser for hands and face!

Learn more and shop for products here. You can also send us a text (below) if you have further questions!

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