The Hands-Free AquaCube

The Hands-Free AquaCube helps grocery shoppers easily open plastic bags (produce, meat or bakery department) in a healthier and more efficient manner.

IRVINE, CA, UNITED STATES, April 11, 2023 — Diamon-Fusion International (DFI)’s hygienic division, Microbe Ninja™ launched the Hands-Free AquaCube™ to ease grocery shoppers’ everyday frustration of opening today’s thinner plastic bags —- found in grocery store produce, meat and bakery departments — in a cleaner, more efficient way.

The Hands-Free AquaCube is a small cube-shaped device next to the plastic bag dispenser that automatically mists fingertips with water through motion detection. Customers can hover their fingertips over it and quickly moisten their fingers, allowing them to open plastic bags easily!

Stop shopper frustration with The AquaCube

The AquaCube saves time and prevents the frustration many shoppers endure. In other words, licking or spitting on fingers to grip the edges of plastic bags (to open them) is an unsanitary practice.

In California, where DFI and Microbe Ninja are based, legislation has called for a biodegradable plastic bag design. The new legislation makes it even harder to open bags due to a thinner design. Therefore, the Hands-Free AquaCube is a simple yet effective solution to avoid this struggle.

A unique in-store promotion opportunity

“The Hands-Free AquaCube is a novel platform that also allows food and beverage brands to advertise and promote in a new way!” says Adam Zax, President. “Due to its unique use in grocery stores, customers will pay more attention to directions and messaging on the device.”

Microbe Ninja offers bulk pricing to the food and beverage industry. The company will customize each AquaCube device for in-store marketing and promotions, and custom company branding.

The AquaCube provides an inexpensive platform for in-store marketing, with the units free-of-charge to grocery stores. This is a cost-effective opportunity compared to the typically more expensive in-store promotions already being used.

Adam Zax concluded: “We anticipate expanding with more food and beverage companies and similar businesses. We look forward to growing our partnerships and customer base with firms in the in-store promotion and display industries.”

For more information, visit the AquaCube page on this website.

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